Professional Matters

IPEM aims to maintain high standards of professional development for healthcare scientists, engineers and technicians. We also aim to ensure that the right medical physics and biomedical workforce is in place and properly supported, whether working in healthcare, academia or industry.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

IPEM’s programme of conferences, study days and workshops are an important source of CPD for those working in medical physics or bioengineering. Members can also access our online training resources and formalise their professional development through our CDP registration scheme. We provide bursaries for CPD activities such as attending conferences as well as funding for research and innovation projects.

Professional recognition

Through IPEM, members can register for professional accreditation on the Science and Engineering Councils’ registration schemes. IPEM is also one of the organisations behind the Register of Clinical Technologists (RCT). IPEM facilitates and rewards the work of our members with a programme of prizes and awards for different career stages.

Government and science policy

IPEM actively engages with the development of science and healthcare-related policies at the departmental, governmental and international levels. IPEM’s Workforce Intelligence Unit has been created to provide authoritative data on the UK’s medical physics and bioengineering workforce.