About MeiBioEng

Physicists, engineers and technologists play vital roles in delivering our healthcare. MeiBioEng is the professional organisation that represents this workforce. We are a charity with around 4,300 members from healthcare, academia and industry.

Some members help to ensure that patients are correctly diagnosed and safely treated for illnesses such as cancer and stroke.  Some develop, maintain and manage medical equipment such as MRI and ultrasound scanners, X-ray machines, drug delivery systems and patient monitors. 

Other members’ research and innovation leads to new technologies and methods that improve on existing medical treatments. They provide new solutions that enable people with injuries or long-term conditions to complete everyday tasks.

All MeiBioEng members work to a Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct.

  MeiBioEng’s mission is:

To constantly improve human health by the application of physics and engineering to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease through research, innovation, education and clinical practice.

  MeiBioEng’s strategic objectives are to:

  • Set and influence standards and best practice  
  • Influence and deliver education, training and continuing professional development  
  • Support and influence research and innovation
  • Strengthen our public engagement and influence decision-makers
  • Influence and engage with national and international bodies.

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MeiBioEng delivers public benefit through:

• The development of the workforce who work directly or indirectly in healthcare where physics and engineering knowledge and skills have an impact on patient care.  Through education, publications, meetings and bursaries, the Institute encourages the development and growth of expertise that will benefit the public and healthcare services.

• Taking an active role in the development and review of standards, regulation and guidance, both at a national and international level, to ensure that a safe, effective and efficient service can be provided both to patients and to all those involved in receiving and delivering healthcare services.

• Support for the development of future services, treatments, and equipment, including the underpinning basic, applied and translational research.  The Institute is continuing to develop and strengthen links with academia, research organisations and manufacturers to assist and encourage professionals to progress and implement this work.

• Working with and supporting a range of other organisations to promote and deliver specific and general science objectives.

• Making science more accessible to the general public and engaging with young people to develop their interest in science and engineering.

The principal beneficiaries of MeiBioEng’s work are patients, whose diagnosis and treatment is undertaken at the highest standards of safety and quality, and who benefit from innovative developments in care and treatment, because of the work of our members.

This may be when members work directly as part of the multi-disciplinary team in hospitals, using the Institute’s Reports, standards and guidance; or when they are part of the wider system of academic research, industrial development and translation into practice, supported by MeiBioEng’s training, education, CPD, academic publishing, innovation awards programme, scientific meetings, or professional networking activities.

Our Commitment to Equality

MeiBioEng recognises and values the importance of diversity in its employees and membership.

We actively promote the richness that diversity engenders and take the commitment to equal opportunities seriously.

We base our relationships with members, employees, partners and other stakeholders on mutual respect and appreciation of individual differences.