5 Tips for your Penis Exercise Program

In case you’re looking for the best method to increase your penis size, you’ll never go wrong with using natural penis exercises. Penis exercises are not only the safest and most effective methods of penile enlargement, but they’re also the cheapest and most affordable penile enlargement methods in the market.

We definitely recommend that you try some penis enlargement exercises for length and girth increases.

If you’re using penis enlargement exercises to increase the length and girth of your penis, here are five tips to help you maximize your outcome.

  1. Shaving Your Pubic Hair
    Too much pubic hair can interfere with your penis enlargement exercises. If you want to do your penis exercises in a smooth and efficient way, you should consider getting rid of all your pubic hair. If you don’t want to get rid of your pubic hair, at least consider paring it down to a length that won’t affect your exercises. Too much pubic hair is not only untidy, it may also lead to injuries and bruises to your genitals.
  2. Eating Healthy Meals and Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle!
    What you consume and your daily routine is a major determinant of how much your penis will grow after doing penis exercises. If you want to maximize the percentage of penile growth when engaging yourself in penis exercises, you should reduce the intake of alcohol, tobacco, and junk foods. Instead, your menu should include healthy foods like sardines, salmons, and vegetables. Including these foods in your diet will not only boost the rate of your penile growth but also improve your overall wellbeing as well.
  3. Always Start by Warming Your Penis!
    Unfortunately, most men ignore this tip. Warming up your genitals is a very crucial phase of your penis exercise program. These warm-up sessions not only prevent your penis from getting injured, but it also improves the flow of blood in your penis, making the exercises more effective. Applying some heat to your penis before and after each exercise session only takes about five minutes. All that’s needed of you is dipping a washcloth or a face towel in warm water and using the towel to cover your manhood for five minutes. The heat generated will get your penile tissues and blood vessels ready for jelqing and stretching.
  4. Don’t forget to measure!
    Keeping track of the length and girth of your penis will keep you motivated in your journey to getting a bigger penis. Before you start your penis exercises, it’s good to measure the girth and length of your penis. These values will assist you in knowing the amount gained after a few weeks. You can take the measurements using a ruler or a measuring tape. Take measurements of your flaccid and erect penis and record them for comparison.
  5. Combining Your Penis Exercises with Herbal Pills!
    Combining herbal penile enhancement pills with natural penis exercises will significantly improve your gains. A combination of these two elements has been known to give men the best penis growth rates within a short period. This combination is best suited for those men who want bigger penises without having to wait for several months.

By keeping this tips at the back of your head, you’ll be surprised by how you’ve achieved a stronger, thicker and longer penis within a short time-frame. Also don’t forget to keep records of your penis length and girth. These records will give you a more accurate picture of how much you’ve developed.